Adviser² Limited

Advising your business whilst you advise your clients

Adviser² Limited provides experienced business coaching and consulting services to drive your advisory business. We offer a wide variety of services for every step of your growth, including coaching, business planning, interim senior Finance staff and accounting and tax compliance.

Adviser² Limited provides experienced consulting services to drive your company’s efficiency. We offer a wide variety of services for every step of your growth, including budgeting, cash-flow management, book-keeping, accounting and improving your business processes.

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About Me

I’m Marianne Green.
I Help Advisors to focus on their clients whilst I support their business.

In 2004 Marianne trained with KPMG in the UK, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant just three years later. Whilst working inside big businesses like General Electric and Honda, she learned first-hand what it took for businesses to thrive.

We provide consulting services to drive your company’s efficiency


Business Coaching

We’ll meet at least quarterly to get clarity on what you want from your business and the steps you need to take to make it a reality. Accounting meets Accountability!

Part-time Finance Director support

We will work alongside your existing leadership team to provide advice on Strategy, Compliance and Operational Effectiveness on a monthly, quarterly or ad-hoc basis.

Business Planning, budgeting and cashflow planning

Daunted by budgets and forecasts? We can turn your ideas for your business into clear, manageable plans and help you to see the cash emerge



We design bespoke dashboards for your business, and meet with you to review them and agree the key actions you need to take.



In the UK we can handle your annual reporting requirements, such as Annual Statements, Corporate Tax Returns and payroll-related matters



Using the best in cloud-based software we’ll help you keep track of your transactions so that you can make timely decisions for your business


What Clients Are Saying

“Really happy that Marianne guides me through my accounts each months and keeps my Xero in order. Allows me to focus on building my business.”

Oliver Love
Business Owner

“As a business owner, I was quite new to Quick Books and reporting software. Marianne was instrumental in helping me understand the monthly reporting process and what those reports meant. As I grow as a business owner I know she will be there to help me use those reports to make better decisions on day to day running of the operations."

Jodi Brooks
Sr. Operational Rep. Universal Weather and Aviation/A2G

"Marianne is an absolute pleasure to work with and has not only helped us to reconcile our accounts into Xero but more importantly, make smarter decisions with the data."

Jordan Gall - Managing Director Buchanan Technology and Regulatory Services Limited

"I am doing business in multiple countries and had some stress about that. Marianne takes my receipt in pesos and my statements in USD without a blink. This makes me feel good.."

Nicole Roberts
Owner, Illustrator